The Billionaire's Love Audiobook






It has been three months since Haru and the brothers returned from their winter vacation in Japan, and Haru’s relationship with Aiden is blossoming beautifully. Icing on the cake, they’re moving into a new, luxurious apartment, and Haru is more content and happy than ever. Well, except for one thing—his second stepbrother Noah.


Noah’s hot and cold attitude toward Haru is beginning to annoy Haru. One minute the brother is nice and caring, and the next, he turns into a prick and picks on Haru, even demanding a kiss daily. When a handsome new face comes into Haru’s life, which the brothers don’t like, Noah erupts into a possessive demon and turns Haru’s world upside down.

Noah to Haru is a stepbrothers BL harem. Expect angst, drama, and lots of mm smuts.

The ebook is available on Amazon, Google Play, and Apple iBooks.


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